Being a Mama - Mother's Day

As Mother’s Day approaches and since we are an all female team compromised mostly of Mamas, we decided to give you our take on motherhood, both the good and the challenges! Basically we are trying to keep it real! We hope that all you Mamas out there can relate to our experiences because as we know, when Mamas support Mamas amazing things happen. Happy Mother’s Day!

Kaitlin with Natasha and Baby Max!

Kaitlin with Natasha and Baby Max!


Hi everyone! As of March 13th we added a new little one to our family, Natasha got a baby brother named Max! I am now back in the newborn stage and I must say it is much easier the second time around for me (not for everyone I know) but there are still many struggles. I didn’t really remember how waking up multiple times during the night for feedings can affect me, I need my sleep! I go to bed around 8pm or whenever he falls asleep so I can function knowing I’ll be up a few times at night. I am also always worried about stuff like is he getting enough food, sleeping enough, sleeping too long in between feedings, should I wake him or let him sleep, etc. The worrying never ends!

Natasha is in love with her baby brother and likes to help where she can. This is definitely one of the highs about being a parent, seeing Natasha love on her little brother! It also melts my heart when she tells me “You’re beautiful” in her adorable 2 year old voice randomly, or after I’ve combed my hair (yes I rock the mom bun ALL THE TIME!), and all I’m thinking is I’m 1 month postpartum looking 6 months pregnant still and nothing in my closet fits!

Being a mom is a lot of work, and you are on 24/7.  Even when you go away you are still thinking of them. It is hard work but it is such rewarding work. I wasn’t a girl who dreamt of being a mom growing up, but I am so happy that I was able to become a mom to our two littles. I will take the waking up multiple times during the night, the throwing up (which always happens in the middle of the night, in bed) and the tantrums, for the random “you’re beautiful”, the hugs and kisses, and seeing the joy in their faces and the laughter they bring.


Being a mother and all it entails is almost impossible to describe, but let’s start with what people don’t tell you!  No one tells you that labour is not like the movies where a gush of water comes out and out pops a baby, no problem!  No one tells you that you will leave the hospital essentially wearing a diaper.  No one tells you that you will NOT look like Kate Middleton in a perfect outfit with perfect hair and in heels leaving the hospital (I totally thought I would).  In fact, I could barely walk out of the hospital the first time around.  Finally, no one tells you how overwhelmed you may feel staring at this baby, not really sure how you’re going to keep this human (and yourself) alive.

Dr. Sunayna with Niam and Samaya!

Dr. Sunayna with Niam and Samaya!

But no one can also explain to you the feeling you get when your child(ren) smile at you for the first time.  No one can explain the joy you feel when they say “Mama” for the first time (especially if it’s their first word, haha).  No one can explain how you just know what every coo, groan, or cry means.  No one can explain the secret elation you feel when they come into your bed in the middle of the night and you pretend to be upset but you’re not because you know one day it will stop.  No one can explain how you can feel like you’re going to lose your mind one second because your toddler is having a meltdown over the way you spread his peanut butter, but then the pure love you feel the next second when they tell you they love you. Finally, no one can explain the strength that you just naturally possess the second you become a mother. 

I’ve only been a mother of two children who are the loves of my life for five years now but here’s what I’ve realized.  Whether you are a working mom, a stay at home mom, or a mom whose kids are all grown up, GUILT and BALANCE are always a constant struggle.  I want all of us moms or mother like figures out there to know that it’s okay to take care of ourselves too.  Taking care of ourselves only makes us more available and better to be able to mother our kids.  So my hope is that this Mother’s Day you get a chance to either get your nails done, grab a coffee, sleep in, or just be alone with your thoughts for a bit.  Now I’m going to try to take my own advice! Happy Mother’s Day!

Nikki with her girls Tierzah, Daisy, and Nyah!

Nikki with her girls Tierzah, Daisy, and Nyah!


For those of you who don’t know, my husband and I have 3 teenage daughters ages 16, and 15 year old twins. Yup twins! Daisy, our daughter, was 19 months when the twins were born. We were overjoyed, excited and super scared!

It has been quite the roller coaster ride though out. The first couple of years were the toughest. I’m the type of person that makes sure everything is perfect. Our girls would arrive to church (because that’s the only day we really got out of the house!) all dressed well, hair done, looking all cute, and I would look all put together as well. But inside I was stressed out and grumpy because it was so much work!

There definitely were more good days than hard days! Nothing like seeing your kids after a day at work and them being so excited to see you and wrapping their little arms around you! Though I don’t get that response anymore, our girls still give us hugs and exchange “I love you’s” always! Motherhood is the most challenging yet rewarding time! Enjoy your time with your kids this Mother’s Day!

Amanda with her kids Ethan and Hayley!

Amanda with her kids Ethan and Hayley!


My high of being a mom is very simple, watching my kids succeed.  My biggest challenge is seeing my kids struggle.  But by far, the greatest high is seeing them succeed over their struggles.

One of my favourite quotes is, "One of the greatest gifts a parent can give their child is their presence." I find in today's society there are so many distractions around us that I have to be conscientious on what's really important and that is the giving of your own time.  I try to remind myself to cherish the little things, and also to not sweat the small stuff.  I also remind myself to keep my head up as there is so much joy in the exchange of a smile. Happy Mother’s Day!


 Mom/Mommy/Mother/Mama [Noun, verb]

1.       A person who does the work of many for free.

See also; chef, taxi, cheerleader, teacher, nurse, multi-tasker, crazy, saint

No matter what your child(ren) call you, I am sure you can relate to the above!! Me too!! I am usually known as Mommy or Mom, and absolutely love it! I dreamt about being a mom since I was just a little girl playing with my dolls, and as I grew old enough to babysit, I spent most of my weekends doing so. I have always loved children!

Rachele with her daughters Jaidyn and Brynlee!

Rachele with her daughters Jaidyn and Brynlee!

I think we can all agree that being a mom is one of the most rewarding, yet challenging jobs around. Some may disagree, but when my girls were younger, those were the easy days for me. Yes, they couldn’t always communicate what was wrong or what they needed, but life seemed simpler for me. They were likely some of the most easygoing babies/toddlers I have seen. It felt so rewarding to see what I made, what was a part of me and how they grew up throughout the years. How can a Mom not be proud?!

As they grow older, have their own opinions and are self-minded, this is where I find motherhood challenging! Bodies start to change, emotions and hormones play more and more into their everyday lives. I find the challenges can be teaching them both how to be strong during difficult times yet letting them figure out how to get out of it themselves. Also, teaching them that there will be plenty of challenges as they grow up, life isn’t all unicorns and rainbows is another aspect of motherhood I find challenging. As the years go by, I realize that tough love is such a thing! We are just entering pre-teen years for my oldest, and I am beginning to believe that payback definitely is such a thing! (Sorry Mom!). But all said and done, I would not change a single thing. My girls make me so proud each and every day! It’s amazing how they can brighten my day! Happy Mother’s Day!