The Three C's - Cavities, Calcium, and Cheese

Photo by Bothwell Cheese

Photo by Bothwell Cheese

Let’s talk about some C words – cavities, calcium, and cheese.  Calcium is the main component of our teeth, which is why getting a proper amount of calcium is so important to keep our teeth healthy and strong.  How do we do this? By eating calcium rich foods, of course!

Dairy foods such as milk, cheese, and low fat yogurt are great sources of calcium (there are also non-dairy foods that are calcium rich as well) and contribute to our overall dental health.  However, did you know that studies have shown that cheese (yes, delicious cheese) can help reduce cavities? Cue rejoicing everywhere!

Photo by Bothwell Cheese

Photo by Bothwell Cheese

Cavities are one of the most prevalent infectious diseases present.  In fact, cavities among children is the most chronic childhood disease! Remember, cavities are 100% preventable! Cavities are formed when foods with carbohydrates are broken down into acids by the bacteria in dental plaque that are present on your teeth.  Although cavities are caused by multiple factors that work together, we know that diet and nutrition are important for prevention.

Cheese can help prevent cavities in a few ways.  It has been shown that chewing cheddar cheese after eating a sugary food makes the dental plaque less acidic within two minutes of consumption.  Other cheeses that have been shown to help in decreasing the acidity in plaque are Gouda, Blue Cheese, Monterey Jack, Mozzarella, and Swiss.  Cheese can also increase your saliva flow, therefore helping wash away acids on your teeth.  Finally, aged cheese (one of our favourites), is recognized as having cavity fighting characteristics when either eaten alone or at the end of a meal or snack!

Now that we know the hero powers of cheese, we teamed up with our favourite cheese company, Bothwell Cheese! Why do we love Bothwell so much? Well, they are local and we are all about supporting local.  Their cheese is made in New Bothwell, which is the next town over from us here in Niverville.  Also, Bothwell Cheese is made with 100% Canadian Milk and all natural ingredients! There are so many options from Red Wine Extra Old Cheddar, to Jalapeno Monterey Jack, to Maple Smoked Extra Old Cheddar, there’s something for everyone!

Need an idea for your next family meal that’s healthy and loaded with cheese? We recommend Veggie-Filled Mac N’ Cheese by our favourite registered dietician, Nita Sharda of Carrots and Cake Balanced Nutrition Counselling.


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So the next time you have a craving, reach for a piece of cheese! It’s delicious, satisfying, and good for your teeth.  It doesn’t get much better than that!


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Source: Kashket, S., & DePaola, D. P. (2002). Cheese Consumption and the Development and Progression of Dental Caries. Nutr Rev, 60(4), 97 - 103.