Mouth Guard Mania!


September is Mouth Guard Month!

Calling all parents! It’s that time of year again, it’s Hockey and Ringette season! That means it’s time for our annual Mouth Guard Month! Lace up those skates, grab that stick, and most importantly, make sure your kids have a custom fitted mouth guard from us! We think kids being active and playing sports is a great thing, so much so, that we are a proud sponsor of some of our awesome local teams such as the Clippers (look out for our sign in the Niverville Centennial Arena).  However, did you know dental injuries to the face are the most common type of injury when playing sports? For this reason, dentists (and most sports regulatory boards) either recommend or mandate the use of mouth guards.

Custom fitted mouth guards are especially made to fit your mouth by your dentist. They are superior to other mouth guards for several reasons:

a.    A custom fitted mouth guard will significantly reduce injuries to the head and neck by protecting your jaw joint.  It also aids in preventing concussions as it acts as a cushion for your lower jaw, and decreases the chances of breaking your front teeth by almost 90%!

b.    A custom fitted mouth guard also protects the soft tissues such as your lips, cheeks, tongue and gums from injury and lacerations.

c.    A custom fitted mouth guard does not impair your breathing or speech. It is made for your mouth, therefore there is no need to clench down on it in order to hold it in place.

Even children with braces should wear a mouth guard.  It will protect the child from being injured from the brackets and wires should an impact occur.  Additionally, children with both baby and adult teeth should have a new guard made as needed as the mouth changes with every tooth that is lost, and with every tooth that erupts.

For the month of September, all young athletes ages 7-17 can have a custom fitted mouth guard made by us for only $40 (regularly priced $120)! Please call 204-988-3634 to book your child’s appointment as spots do fill quickly. See you at the office and on the ice!


Welcome Home.


Hi there! I'm Dr. Sunayna, but please just call me Sunayna. Welcome to the first ever blog post for Niverville Heritage Dental Centre! 

Now you may be thinking, "Why on Earth is this post called Welcome Home?" Most people don't exactly think of home when they think of visiting the dentist, but that's exactly how we want it to feel when you come - inviting, familiar, and comfortable.

We are the office who takes the time to chat with you because we actually want to know what's happening in your life.  We are the office that you can hear laughter coming from when you enter.  We are the office that you will want come back to! Sounds crazy, I know, but I promise, it's true.

I want this space to be a place where you learn about all things teeth that matter to you cause yes, believe it or not, we love teeth! We care about your overall oral health, because we care about you. However, there's only so much teeth related information you can take in, I get that.  So that's why this space will also be about life.  We will chat about things happening in the community, share some of our favourite recipes, showcase some of our incredible patients, and so much more.  So please, sit back, relax, and have a good read. We are so happy to have you.  Oh, and one more thing, welcome home.